Honor Roll
Published each Quarter
Central Catholic High School has three Honor Rolls.  Position on the honor rolls depends, first of all, on having no grades below 70.  The second criteria is a minimum Grade Point Average for the grading period.  These GPA minima are revised from time to time and published in the Parent-Student Handbook each year.

The highest honors go to the students on the Principal's List.  These students not only have an "A" average, they also take enough honors courses or AP courses to attain a GPA above 4.0. Typically only 1-5% of a class attains this distinction.  Very rarely, a freshman or sophomore will this distinction.

The high honor roll is our "A" honor roll, and is typically attained by 10-15% of the class.

The honor roll, prestigious in any school, is particularly prestigious at Central Catholic, because of the rigor of the academic subjects and the absence of grade inflation.  The regular honor roll is our "B" honor roll, and is typically earned by 20-25% of a class.

We congratulate all members of the honor roll, particularly those who spend their entire CCHS career in that elite company


Central Catholic High School is a college preparatory school educating in the Marianist tradition young men from diverse backgrounds for success in higher education through the development of scholarship, leadership and moral character.