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Department Overview

Religious and Theological Studies involve the study of religion and religious faiths. The Religion Department at Central Catholic aims to understand how faith shapes the thoughts, lives, and ethics of individuals and communities in particular ways and different cultures.
Areas of study the Central Catholic student will learn within this department include Theology, Biblical Studies, Spirituality, World Religions, Religious Experience, and Ethics.
By the end of their senior year, students learn a variety of multicultural, interdisciplinary, historical and theological methods and perspectives appropriate to the field. In addition, students should expect to become familiar with several major religious traditions in the world in addition to Roman Catholicism. Seniors can now receive Dual Credit as well!
Students will explore perennial questions concerning the reality of God, the meaning of human existence, the significance of the Bible, the dignity and liberation of the person, and ways to live ethically in a global world. To this end, students will learn to appreciate religious diversity as well as the roles religions and religious faith play in shaping all aspects of human life, as exemplified particularly in the Roman Catholic tradition. The Religion Department is committed to Central Catholic's mission of social justice and addresses such issues throughout its curriculum.
Religion I
Introduction to Catholicism; Introduction to the Old Testament
Religion II
Jesus and the New Testament; Catholic Morality
Religion III
Church History; Catholic Social Teachings
Religion IV
Track 1: Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue; Christian Discipleship
Track 2: Foundations of Reflection; God (Dual-Credit course at St. Mary's University); Religion and Science