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Summer at Central Catholic

  • Enrichment Day Camps/Classes will begin the week of June 12  through June 30. 
  • Athletic Day and Evening Camps will begin the week of June 12 through July 20.
Athletic Camps
Freshmen Basketball Mini-Camp: If you are interested in trying out for this year's basketball team, this camp will be for you. This camp will focus on individual development, game situations, and overall basketball skills in a very intense and competitive environment. This will also provide you an opportunity to grasp the expectations of a Central Catholic Basketball Player.
Baseball: For boys entering 6th through 9th grade, this instructional/developmental camp includes breakdown of fundamentals, mechanics, fielding, base running and hitting drills. Camp takes place at our home field, Shovlin-Vehle Field at Kahlig Park. Campers are asked to be dropped off at our baseball facility.
Football: For boys entering 6th through 9th grade, this camp is geared exclusively to instruction and skill development of high-potential players. Activities will involve numerous game situations and drills that enhance individual and team performance. Athletes should be in playing condition upon entering the camp. Incoming freshmen are strongly encouraged to attend this camp.
Soccer: For boys entering 6th through 9th grade, this camp will focus on training speed and agility, high level technical ability, and fundamental tactical principles. The curriculum will cover topics including foot quickness, passing, first touch, combination play, and finishing. Each session will progress from dynamic drills to competitive matches, with campers first perfecting their skills and then applying to game situations. Our goal is to help every camper learn, improve, have fun, and discover a greater love for the game of soccer.
Cross Country: An introduction to cross country running. A training program consisting of aerobic training, running drills, and general strength training.
Basketball: For boys entering 6 th through 9 th grade, Central Catholic’s basketball camp will provide the training and development to transform the campers on-court performance. All drills, offensive & defensive lend itself to game situations, group training, conditioning and individual development. The camp will be highly competitive and will challenge each camper to test their basketball skills and abilities. Please note that this not a beginner’s camp. Campers should be in good condition.
Lacrosse: Camp is geared towards players of all skill levels. The camp combines rigorous lacrosse training from an elite staff with a fun filled competitive experience. The focus will be on teaching skills and concepts of live game situations in order to strengthen players' confidence to make quality decisions on the field. Please bring equipment if you already have it!
JROTC Camp for Incoming Freshmen(CC-IWHS & PHS): This camp is always well attended by incoming freshmen.  It will provide an introduction to our JROTC teams, leadership scenarios, team building, and group dynamics, as well as other components of our JROTC program.  Participants will receive a certificate, a promotion to private, and earn a camp ribbon that is placed on their JROTC uniform.
Enrichment Camps
Loops in Motion: Come join us and create your own make and take circuits. We will take this week to learn about electricity and the currents it creates to cause energy. We will touch on the basics of electrical circuits and create some cool projects. From bug circuits to paper circuits, we will have something for everyone! See you there!

Grossology: Prepare your senses for this adventure as we discover the stinkiest, slimiest, and gooey-est things nature has to offer. Create all kinds of sticky, icky, yucky solutions guaranteed to gross out your family and friends. Get ready for an ooze-tastic time!

Brick Flick Camp: LEGO Stop Motion Animation Camp. Campers will design several short storyboards and put a spin on them with some creative fun and LEGOS! We will bring our storyboards to life and have fun while doing it. 

Science Stew: Get your mixing bowls and oven mitts ready for some culinary creations! Science takes center stage as you discover the connections between cooking and chemistry. Learn about your sense of taste while creating dishes designed to make those taste buds go crazy!

Forensics Lab: This is a STEM related CSI/Forensics camp. We will focus on the science of Forensics and conduct hands-on activities. Have fun learning to identify and collect evidence, solve a missing person case and lift and classify fingerprints. 
Beginners Cybersecurity: Bad Guys vs Good Guys - In this week-long class, we will take a look at different ways hackers like to attack our computer systems. Campers will also look at their own personal network and discover ways to keep themselves safe. Each day we will play a Cyber Threat Protector card game,  to help us become familiar with the lingo  and learn some awesome defense strategies!

Weird Science: Step inside the lab and see just how weird things can get!  This program is sure to have the right formula for summer fun with cool experiments and demonstrations every day of the week.  This week of hands-on fun will provide a real life experience working in a laboratory setting.
Nutrition 101 (6th through 8th): Nutrition can be a stumbling block for middle schoolers as they are surrounded by all the wrong foods! This class will focus on helping break down certain topics and activities to help educate and keep middle schoolers engaged and interested in food and nutrition. 
Lego Robotics: Students will learn introductory concepts in robotics, and engineering. Students will think creatively using activities that require individual and team participation, creative design, and problem-solving skills. This will teach students to lead as well as to work together to overcome challenging obstacles.
SuperHero Creation Station: Campers will learn to identify and define traits of a superhero as they design their own character. From symbols, superpowers, origin stories to capes and can't forget--an arch nemesis. Campers will also create their own Sunday newspaper comic strip and finally debate the finer points of who truly is the best superhero out there? The answer is Batman...always Batman.
3D Explorations: 3D printing is the process of making an object using a 3D printer to build an object from a computer model, layer by layer. Students will be posed with a series of challenges that will spark their creativity.  Using Computer Automated Design (CAD) and industrial design processes, students will design a solution from scratch, model it, and proceed to test their idea, and finally refine it through multiple iterations.
Mad Scientist: Every child has a little mad scientist hiding inside of them, and nothing is more fun than spending a little time dreaming up mixtures that bubble, steam, things that fly, change color. Come and explore the world of a scientist through different amazing experiments.
Marksmanship: The purpose of the clinic is to teach proper technique on how to shoot plus the sport of air rifle competitions and safety.  Participants will be instructed by one of our Army Instructors and members of the Bordelon Rifle Team.  Participants will shoot in our state-of- the-art shooting range located on our campus.
Arts Alive: Unleash your child's imagination by having them explore the unknown by bringing the value of creativity to any experience.  Throughout the week campers will be challenged to think outside the box to create their own masterpieces using every day and unusual materials. 
Youth Fitness 101: This is an introductory class for strength and endurance training. This class will teach the campers the basics for strength, endurance, agility, and plyometrics. More importantly, this will provide them a better understanding of how to properly workout and prepare them for any future high school sport.

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