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2022 Summer at Central Catholic

  • Enrichment Day Camps/Classes will begin the week of June 13  through July 1. 
  • Athletic Day and Evening Camps will begin the week of June 13 through July 21.

As we gear up for the end of the school year, we are fortunate to offer many programs that will keep your boys engaged in learning over the summer break. Central Catholic's Summer Camps have been a San Antonio summertime staple since 1995.

Over the years we have offered athletic camps that have helped boys develop their athletic abilities, but in 2015 we introduced a number of academic enrichment camps for elementary and middle school students to provide a total experience of "Summer at Central Catholic." 

"Summer at Central Catholic" focuses on two specific areas.  First, our athletic camps for boys provide an excellent opportunity to build fundamental skills in a competitive environment. Second, the enrichment camps engage boys and girls in a hands-on learning experience in the classroom.

When you register, you will be able to go directly to the appropriate age camp for your child. Descriptions will be available for the programs once you create a profile using the link to register.

Preview our camps and register your student today!