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Marianist Education

Each year on January 22, Marianists celebrate the life and vision of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. Members of the Society of Mary consider it a privilege to use the ministry of education as our means of following Jesus and living the vision of Blessed Chaminade. We share our Mission with many dedicated members of the Marianist Family.
These characteristics of Marianist education provide a common language and a common method to achieving our goals. Our schools offer a quality education. We teach the faith in the classroom and by living the Truth Jesus provides. We engage the mind and the heart to know and understand. An individual education in the Marianist Tradition faces the challenge to use what he has learned to serve others, establish justice, and ensure peace to all of God’s creatures. In a rapidly changing world, Marianist Education provides a firm foundation of Truth and knowledge to adapt as necessary, as believers have for over two millennia. It’s one of the paradoxes of a fully lived faith—a firm foundation from which to move the world!

Grounded in this faith-filled view, the Marianist tradition invites a prudent openness to social and cultural change in the world, following the example of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade; "For new times, new methods." Facing new times, while relying on faith benefits all those who work in Marianist education, including those of other faiths, because it so deeply respects what is most human in students and in one another. In being faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word Incarnate, we live with and for the people of our time and share with them their joys and hopes, their anxieties and sufferings.

In this vision and this ministry, we give encouragement and confidence to each other. Open and attentive to new approaches, each educator keeps Marianist education relevant and up-to-date by his or her contributions. As lay and religious Marianist educators, we are called to offer to those around us the testimony of our lives, to live in such a way that we vigorously revivify the message of the reign of God, already present in the midst of our world, but the fullness of which is yet to come. We hope that by putting the characteristics of Marianist education into practice, our school can be continue to be a blessing for all those whom we serve in our educational communities.