JROTC Program Overview

The JROTC curriculum is accredited through AdvancED, the parent organization of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council and is aligned with differential, assessment-based, learning and growth, both mental and physical. It supports critical thinking, problem-solving, STEM, writing across the curriculum, and teamwork. Subjects include communication, government, military history, nutrition and health, interpersonal relationships, physical fitness, and personal finance. Students are free to join JROTC at any time throughout the year. Accommodations are made to provide additional instruction to reduce gaps in knowledge.

The JROTC organization at CCHS is structured along military lines with a Brigade Command, two subordinate Battalions, three companies in each Battalion, two platoons in each company, and four squads in each platoon. As cadets gain knowledge and experience, they move up through the ranks to positions of increased responsibility. This year our cadet enrollment increased by 9% (from 252 to 276) which equates to roughly half of the student body. We have four levels of instruction with citizenship and leadership emphasis throughout. Upper-class cadets are provided opportunities to directly supervise, assess, and improve subordinate cadets.

In addition to classroom and leadership labs, JROTC has 11 extra-curricular teams (Sporter and Precision are two separate air rifle teams). We take new team members all throughout the school year and work around any other team or sports schedule. In addition to JROTC cadets, the U.S. Army Cadet Command policy allows all CCHS and PCS students to compete on the teams. There is no restriction on grade levels.
We welcome all cadets and students to join our teams!
Chaminade Guard Armed Drill Team
The Chaminade Guard Armed Drill Team, nicknamed "The Machine," is comprised of groups of a minimum of 16 cadets who perform precision marching and drill movements, including rifle spinning and exhibition marching. The commander is Cadet Andrew Ponce. Last year the team won several trophies including 1st place overall at the 5th Brigade skills meet covering eight states and a first-place commander's trophy. The Guard is currently ranked 6th in the nation for Army JROTC Armed Drill.
Color Guard
The Color Guard nicknamed the "Brigade Color Guard," is comprised of 4 or 6 person teams carrying our National Flag and performing precision drill movements. The commander is Cadet Grant Estes. The team routinely performs at football games, community events, and skills competitions having placed 3rd at the 5th Brigade skills meet covering eight states. They are currently ranked 6th in the nation for Army JROTC Armed Color Guard.  The team is working hard to get new members ready for the upcoming drill season.  
Cyber Security (Cyber Patriot) Team
The Cyber Security (Cyber Patriot) Team, nicknamed the "Chaminade Defenders," is comprised of 6 person teams who identify and correct computer security breaches, network vulnerabilities, and system protections. The team captain is Nicholas Sandoval. In only their first year of competition, they placed 6th in the State of Texas in the beginner (Bronze) level. Their first competition is coming soon and the team is looking forward to a great second year of competition.
The JROTC Band is only one of two U.S. Army JROTC bands in the State of Texas and boasts a reputation of having performed in the Governor's Inauguration Parade and the Battle of Flowers Vanguard Parade. They routinely perform at Brigade Reviews and JROTC events playing military march music and the National Anthem. The Drum Major is Evan Hughes and the Band Commander is Matthew LeBlanc. The band was recently seen on Telemundo as part of the Diez Y Seis parade and looks forward to performing at Corps Night.

JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB)
The JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB) Team is comprised of 5 person teams who compete against other teams or against the clock, in responding to a wide breadth of questions from High School academic subjects. The team captain is Daniel Guerra. For three years in a row, the team qualified for nationals in Washington, DC and last year they tied for 5th place out of over 1,200 teams. The team is already working towards competing in the first round in November.

Orienteering Team
The Orienteering Team nicknamed the "Ranger Platoon," is comprised of any number of cadets who race through wooded and open terrain areas locating geographic markers or following specified tracks and collecting points. The team captain is Daniel Guerra. Last year the team qualified for nationals having accumulated a multitude of team and individual first-place finishes. This year the team is off to a strong start with a run in Austin and two team members winning awards.

Physical Fitness Team
The Physical Fitness Team, nicknamed the "Strikers," is comprised of 4 person teams who compete in several physical events including push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and running. The team captains are Michael Trevino and Patrick Cox. The team has a rich history of winning competitions and had a strong showing in their first outing at Wagner Skills Meet.

Raider Challenge Team
The Raider Challenge Team, nicknamed the "Raiders," is comprised of 6 to 9 person teams who compete is a myriad of events including obstacle courses, physical fitness courses, rope bridge construction, and rucksack runs. The team captain is Michael Trevino. Last year the team won one event and placed 2nd in another event. This year's team already has a 1st place finish in their inaugural competition.
Saber Guard Team
The Saber Guard Team nicknamed the "Chaminade Sabers," was recently upgraded from an ad hoc team to a permanent team. This team performs honors and saber arcs for coronations and formal ceremonies. The team captain is Matthew Friedel. The team is expanding its performance schedule and is looking forward to performing in the upcoming Rey Feo coronation.

Sporter and Precision Air Rifle Teams
The Sporter and Precision Air Rifle Teams nicknamed the "Bordelon Rifles," are nationally ranked teams comprised of 4 person teams and individual competitors. The team captains are Paul Escamilla and Ian Walaski. Last year one team member became the Texas State Champion. He and other team members traveled to Alabama for Nationals and finished 5th in the nation. The team won their first scrimmage match this year and aims to qualify for nationals again.