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National Honor Society

The Joseph U. Rowley Chapter
The Honor Society is the most prestigious organization in any secondary school. It is valued highly by all colleges, universities, and scholarship committees. The Rowley Chapter here at Central Catholic has a long and proud tradition of membership from young men who exemplify the ideals of Men of Faith, Men of Letters, and Men of Action.

While all students of our Marianist high school are expected to be young men of good character, members of the National Honor Society are expected to be exemplary in character. A student who demonstrates exemplary character
  • complies with all school rules and policies concerning respect for others and property
  • demonstrates the highest level of integrity in his classes and activities
  • demonstrates that he upholds the highest standards of morality and ethics
  • accepts criticism willingly
  • Cooperates with the faculty, staff, and administration in all areas of school life
  • demonstrates self-discipline in his behavior
  • assists in strengthening the culture of the entire school community, following the ideals established by Father Chaminade for all Marianist schools

The quality of leadership is an important criterion for selection to the National Honor Society. While holding an office in a campus organization is not a requirement, the student should demonstrate leadership in some tangible way. The student who exhibits exemplary leadership both at Central Catholic and in his community
  • is a positive role model for others
  • is reliable and responsible
  • actively participates and promotes school activities
  • upholds the ideals of the school in the Marianist tradition
  • demonstrates follow-through when accepting responsibilities
  • demonstrates initiative and loyalty
  • recognizes and accepts his role in building up family spirit at Central Catholic

Students selected to the National Honor Society must exhibit scholarly conduct. A student who demonstrates scholarly conduct
  • Maintains a high cumulative GPA – for juniors the GPA requirement is 3.7; for seniors, the GPA requirement is 3.5.
  • Demonstrates sustained effort in his studies.
  • Demonstrates cooperation in the learning process.
    is not content to earn grades below his ability, but works to realize his highest level of achievement
Service is an equally important criterion for selection to the National Honor Society. Some common questions considered by the selection committee during the selection process are” What contribution has the candidate made to the school, his classmates, and the community?” “What is the student’s attitude toward service?” In addition, as the selection committee reviews the qualifications of each student, it pays close attention to the student’s service record. It is important that the student exceed required service hours. The student who serves his brothers and sisters, recognizes that he is part of a larger community. He recognizes the dignity of each human person. He performs his service cheerfully and willingly. He serves by
  • participating in some outside activity: boy scouts, church groups, volunteer work
  • participating in service projects sponsored by the school or community
  • volunteering to assist others: fellow students, faculty and staff members, and visitors
  • being responsible and dependable in his volunteer service
  • representing his school in competitions and other inter-school activities
  • representing his class in inter-class activities
  • exhibiting courtesy, responsibility, and reliability in all his endeavors within and outside of school his community
Additional Information

How are the Members of the National Honor Society Selected?

A committee of experienced faculty reviews the qualifications of each candidate. To ensure the integrity of the organization as well as its prestige at Central Catholic High School, the selection committee seeks to bestow the honor of membership only to those who have clearly met the criteria for induction into this nationally recognized organization.
What are the criteria for selection?

Selection to NHS is based on four criteria: character, leadership, scholarship, and service. A student must possess all four qualities in an exemplary manner to be inducted into the society.
Do all members of the faculty and staff have input into the selection process?
Yes. All members of the faculty and staff are invited to submit their recommendations for selection. The selection committee reviews the recommendations submitted by faculty and staff members prior to selection.
Do students have input into the selection process?

Yes. Candidates for the National Honor Society are invited to provide the committee with an essay. The essay should supply the committee with information regarding the four criteria, especially in the areas of character, leadership, and service.
How often are selections made?

Selections are made twice a year: once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester.
Can members of the National Honors Society be removed once inducted?

Yes. Members are expected to be exemplary in character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Failure to uphold these four pillars of the National Honor Society can result in probation or removal from the organization. Because of the high expectations for all members of the NHS, if a student is placed on probation, he remains on probation until he has graduated from Central Catholic High School. A second offense during his remaining time at Central Catholic will result in his permanent removal from the organization.