First in Texas Pasadena #2 District Winners

Iron Fangs #5986 Robotics Team - First in Texas Pasadena #2 District Winners
This past weekend was amazing! Our team, small and young, was truly a Cinderella story by being a low seed amongst many other schools and eventually winning the whole competition!
On Saturday, April 2, the Iron Fangs #5986 Robotics Team team officially won 2022 FIRST in Texas District Pasadena #2 Event; DISTRICT CHAMPIONS! Our team won the event by not being the biggest team or having the best robot. Our team won the event by capitalizing on their strengths and not worrying about what we lacked. Our robot was not an offensive robot like everyone else, ours was a defensive robot and that made our team attractive to other top teams when picking their alliance! In any sport that defensive player is always coveted and special; defense wins championships! The #1 and # 3 seeds picked our team (#26) to join an alliance and we three won the whole competition together out of approximately 30+ schools! Our kids also were networking throughout the whole competition and that made a huge difference in letting other schools know who Central is and what Central's robotics team is all about! The competition was long with leaving school on Thursday, March 31, and returning Saturday, April 2, late evening. The days were long, stressful, and exhausting starting at 7 AM and finishing at 8 PM every day. In the end, the hard work and dedication of our kids and Ms. Jarmon along with her team of committed staff members Dr. Vallor & Dr. Ballesteros, and Mentor Arjun Palat with Wex Foundation paid off!  
Thank you to Real MVPs, OUR PARENTS for your commitment to your support throughout the season.

2021- 2022 Robotics Team

1. Vicente Sanchez - 9th grade
2. Eamon Garcia - 9th grade
3. Neville Hayes - 10th grade
4. Matthew Abejuela - 10th grade
5. Robert Rodriguez - 10th grade
6. Noah Flores-  10th grade
7. Phillip Munoz- 12th grade
8. Mateo Garica- 12th grade
9. Sarah Valdez - 12th grade (Providence HS)
10. Kaitlyn Nadeau - 12th grade (Providence HS)