Science Department Guest Speaker Series: Kily Jasso

Hi Everyone,


All year long we have had numerous guest speakers from a variety of different fields give talks to our boys.  For our last speaker of the year, I wanted to do something a little different and bring in one of our current seniors to give a talk.  Kily Jasso, who originally gave this presentation in his Anatomy class with Coach Curran, was honored to have the opportunity to do it again to a larger audience.  His presentation took place after school on Wednesday, May 4.  Close to 40 Central Catholic students came to watch.  


Kily’s talk was on our diet.  Should we eat a whole lot of meat?  Or, should we eat a whole lot of plants?  Obviously, it can be difficult to find a balance.  However, Kily referenced an informative book called “The China Study,” which speaks about that balance.  In essence, a balanced diet is crucial to avoiding many of the health concerns that plague us today.  In addition, Kily talked about how a dependency on beef leads to many of the environmental problems in our world today, such as fertilizer run-off from farms that specialize in just corn.


All in all, it was an honor watching Kily give one last talk to his Central Catholic brothers.  I have watched Kily grow into a fine young man over the past four years, so being able to see the audience award him with such a warm applause was touching.  Thank you for the presentation, Kily!  We wish you the best in your future endeavors!   


God bless,

James Bendele