Eddie Ybarra ‘83 Named Interim Head Basketball Coach

Dear Central Catholic Family,
After nine years of service as head basketball coach for Central Catholic, Bruce McConaghy will remain in the classroom to continue teaching Economics and Accounting. We thank Mr. McConaghy for his time shaping a program that collected 204 wins and 99 losses.
As Central Catholic High School looks to continue building on our strong basketball legacy, Edward C. Ybarra ‘83 has been named interim head coach for the 2022-2023 Basketball season. This will allow Central Catholic the time needed to conduct a thorough search for a permanent head coach in time for the 2023-2024 season.
During his previous 13-year run as Button Head Basketball Coach, Coach Ybarra amassed an impressive 230 wins with 6 district titles, 6 regional championships, 6 TAPPS State Final Four Championship appearances, and 1 TAPPS State Championship victory in 1998.
Mr. Ybarra has served in various capacities at Central Catholic High School during his 35-year career. In 2008, he gave up his coaching assignment to move into Central Catholic’s administration as Vice Principal and eventually as Principal. This will mark Mr. Ybarra’s return to head coaching duties after a 14-year hiatus; however, from 2015 – 2020, Ybarra was part of the basketball coaching staff.
“Coach Ybarra’s return to the court as our interim head basketball coach is a powerful testament to his dedication to Central’s Marianist Catholic identity and mission, and his determination to build a program committed to excellence and to grow the impact this program has on our student-athletes,” says Jason Longoria, President of Central Catholic High School.
Coach Ybarra expressed his thoughts by saying, “I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to return to something very dear to my heart, a true passion, and deeply rooted in our school’s culture, the Central Catholic Basketball program.”
“Along with an athlete’s attitudes and effort,” Ybarra continues, “there are three important components to a successful program. First, solid basketball habits must be instilled in every player. Habits then create a standard that becomes an expectation of every team in the basketball program. Lastly, these habits and standards are made every day in practices and games. These are my plans for the upcoming season for all teams and every player.”  
With this transition to Interim Head Basketball Coach, Mr. Ybarra will also become the school’s first Executive Athletic Director with general oversight of all athletic programs, Coach and Player Development programs, fundraising initiatives, and support of the Athletic Director. To assume this new role, he will resign his title of Vice President for Student Development but will remain on the School’s Senior Leadership Team.
The 2022-2023 Button Basketball Season begins on October 17, 2022, and their first game will be in the Laredo St Augustine Tournament on November 4-5, 2022.