Parent Orientation

School Hours

  • Classes begin at 8:20 and end around 3:25
  • Half days (12:25 release,  holidays are posted on the school calendar (website)

Drop Off/Pick Up

  • Students may enter the building and go to the cafeteria at 6:45 a.m.
  • Enter through Camden St. entrance (near KCCC) and exit through Dallas St. (between Elizondo Library and the KCCC)

Mass is open to all parents

Dress Code

  • Regular dress code Monday through Thursday
  • Mass attire on mass days
    • Collared/button-down shirt, tie, slacks/cotton twill pants, dress shoes
  • Blue & White Days–CC spirit days (blue or white CC shirt only, jeans, and tennis shoes)
  • Fridays–collared shirt, CC or college t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes
  • Hair must meet standards (please refer to handbook)

Student Check-Out (Appointments)

  • A handwritten, signed note must be submitted to Ms. Sosa (front office) in the morning
  • The student will check out with Ms. Sosa before leaving campus
  • Students shall be picked up in the front (N. St. Mary’s entrance)

All visitors must check in with Ms. Sosa through our main entrance (N. St. Mary’s St. entrance)

All communication through Parent Square and weekly eButton


  • 90% rule per the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops and the TEA
  • Tardies–up to 10 minutes after class time. After 10 minutes is an absence
    • Consequenceofor excessive tardiness


  • Hot meals available in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch
  • Lunch is not available on half-day releases
  • Pay with cash or card
  • No lunch deliveries
  • Many boys bring their lunch
  • Microwaves available in the cafeteria

Items needing to be dropped off may be left with Ms. Sosa in the front office.

School Supplies–per teacher’s syllabus on the first day of school–basic needs for your student to take notes and be organized, i.,e. pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, etc.

Service Hours
  • 9th-15 hours,10th-25 hours, 11th-30 hours, 12th-40 hours
  • No required parent service hours, although volunteering is strongly encouraged
Spirit Shop
  • Hours vary–posted in the weekly eButton and website.