Truck Raffle - Week Four Update

Would you like to have the entire Thanksgiving Week off from school?

WE CAN…by reaching our halfway goal of the Annual Truck Raffle.  As of today, we still have not reached our halfway goal of $80,000 to have no school on Monday, November 21, so please turn in your tickets next Friday to your First Period teacher. 

**Friday, October 7 is our halfway deadline**
As we approach the halfway point, additional incentives will be announced next week.
Thank you for the continued support and let’s keep up the great work! Additional tickets can be picked up in the front offices throughout the day.
Top-Selling/Participating First-Period Class
1stSG Gonzales

Our top-selling Students per grade:
Freshman - Alexander Thai
Sophomore - Travis Dylla
Junior - Noah Flores
Senior - Eric Garcia