Snake Bytes - R20 League Competition

Accompanied by Sra. Mendez, Dr. Hernandez, and Dr. Ballesteros, this past weekend, on March 11, 2023, the Snake Bytes played in the last R20 League competition prior to playoffs. At the Tech Port Center + Arena, supported by their families, each of the teams competed against various other eSports teams from local high schools, such as Cole, Steele, MacArthur, Jefferson, and Cast Tech.
Led by Aiden Gutierrez, the Rocket League team included Jordan Winfrey, Ethan Winfrey, Magnus Zuniga, and Albert Alvarado. After winning 2 of the 3 rounds they competed in, with a total of 42 points, they are currently ranked 2nd amongst 22 teams, qualifying for the upcoming playoffs this April. Their record is 21-5.
The Ultimate Super Smash Brothers team consisted of Game Representative Isaac Pohl and Kolby Cruz. This weekend, Isaac maintained his Top 32 ranking, qualifying him for the playoffs next month.
The Valorant Team, led by Nathan Talamantez, won all three rounds they competed in, including a comeback win down 10-2 that ended after 3 overtime rounds. Lasting over an hour, they won that round 17 to 15. His other team members that day included Rudy Davila, Miles Procknow, Diego Posadas, and Jack Brysch. With a total of 32 points, and a record of 16-5, the team is currently ranked 3rd amongst 20 teams.
Additionally, Joseph McMorrough made his debut as a commentator during today’s competition.
Next month, the three teams will enter the playoffs, as they battle against the other eSports teams in early April. Let’s go, Snake Bytes! Keep on winning!