E-Sports Team 22-23 End of Year Review

Central Catholic’s e-Sports Team, The Snake Bytes, closed a phenomenal season with the three competing teams going to the R20 League Finals at Tech Port San Antonio and Texas A&M University-San Antonio this past April.
Throughout this season, led by Aiden Gutierrez, the Rocket League team included Jordan Winfrey, Ethan Winfrey, Magnus Zuniga, and Albert Alvarado. Prior to the playoffs, with a total of 42 points, the team ranked 2nd amongst 22 teams. Their record was 21-5.
With a total of 32 points, the Valorant Team, led by Nathan Talamantez, had a record of 16-5, ranking them 3rd amongst 20 teams, prior to the playoffs. His other team members throughout the season have included Rudy Davila, Miles Procknow, Diego Posadas, Jack Brysch, Daniel Carmona, and Julian Stiles.
Led by Isaac Pohl, the Ultimate Super Smash Brothers team included Luke Martinez, Kolby Cruz, Mariano Aguilar, and Jose Caleb Gonzalez. Throughout the season, they competed in multiple high-level competitions, with one team player making it into the finals. Isaac Pohl went 1-2 during the finals.
Unfortunately, the teams fell short at finals but made a name for themselves and our school as they were a force to be reckoned with. We are very proud of these young men in how they conducted themselves, their skill set, determination, professionalism, and enthusiasm. 
Congratulations on a job well done, Valorant, Rocket League, and USSB!
A very special thank you to Dr. Hernandez and CCHS support and sponsorship: for creating the space, the latest and greatest gaming systems, and the competitive gaming opportunity for our student body. To our parents who spent Saturdays cheering, supporting, and standing all day, we salute you!