Our Varsity Basketball Team Haunts the Hearts of Youth at the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio!

Our varsity basketball team has once again showcased their skills and values to the eager participants at the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio. For the second consecutive year, we had the privilege to put on a memorable clinic that left a lasting impact on the young minds and hearts.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ada Saenz, the esteemed CEO, and Emanuel Sanchez, the Youth Sports Director, for graciously allowing us to be a part of such a meaningful event. Their support and partnership have provided us with the opportunity to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of today's youth.
This encounter was not only about showcasing skills on the court but also about fostering connections and building meaningful relationships. Our basketball team actively engaged with the participants, sharing valuable insights, tips, and personal experiences. By doing so, they imparted not only athletic knowledge but also encouraged the development of life skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.
Together, we aim to inspire and empower the next generation. Let's continue to shoot for success and score big on and off the court!