Pep Band Preps for Pep Rallies

Here is the latest in Button Band Hall News!
The Mighty Button Band is putting the pep back in their step, preparing music for St. Luke, Holy Spirit, and Mount Sacred Heart Pep rallies. In the spirit of Catholic Schools Week, the band performed music for the St. Luke community, bringing students, parents, and guests on their feet dancing and singing to Cupid shuffle and Sweet Caroline. The uproar of cheer from the children and the urge to dance from the teachers pushed the band to give more joy from their sound. The band's charismatic sounds inspired the students and was one of the most memorable moments of Catholic Schools Week.
In Guitar Class news, the Central guitarists celebrated Catholic Schools Week by learning various praise and worship songs. In the earlier years, Mr. Gutierrez (Band Director) grew up listening and playing contemporary christian music which was the upbringing of his service to the church. Mr. G had a lesson where the students created chord sheets of three worship songs; Let it Rise by Paul Baloche, Lay Me Down by Chris Tomlin, and Glorious Day by Passion. This lesson was designed to help students write lyrics and chords on a Google Doc, and archive them to their playlist. The knowledge and skills gained from this lesson allows the students to create chord sheets for other songs they like to play. Towards the end of the week, students received an opportunity to choose a song to play along to while performing on Mr. G's Fender Telecaster, a guitar played by artists like Prince and Brad Paisley. The simulation enabled the students to feel a sense of leadership and modeled instruction in front of the class, giving them a taste of what it is like to be in a teacher's shoes leading his students in song.
In Music Appreciation news, the students actively work on the world of scales, learning how they work in songs. This week was about Major Scales, or "Happy Scales." Next week, the students will learn about minor scales, or "Sad Scales/Rock Scales." The studies will nourish their understanding and help them later exercise what they have learned on their instruments.