Varsity Tennis Team Excels at TTCA Private School State Tennis Tournament

We are proud to share the outstanding achievements of our varsity tennis team at the recently concluded TTCA Private School State Tennis Tournament. This highly competitive tournament saw our team go head-to-head with formidable opponents, including All Saints, Concordia, Hill Country Christian, and Abilene Christian.
Our talented players displayed remarkable skill and determination throughout the tournament, engaging in some truly great competition. Their participation in such challenging matches provided invaluable lessons that will undoubtedly contribute to their ongoing growth and improvement in the sport.
We applaud our players for their dedication and sportsmanship, which have been the driving forces behind their success. Their remarkable performances have showcased their commitment to excellence and their continuous drive to become even better.
As the tennis season unfolds, we eagerly anticipate witnessing their continued progress and achievements. We encourage all of our supporters to come out and cheer on our varsity tennis team in their upcoming matches.