Evolution Students Uncover Endangered Species on Field Trip

Evolution DC embarked on an educational field trip to Stone Oak Park and Friedrich Wilderness Area, led by Mr. Bendele and Coach Curran. The students immersed themselves in the limestone habitats of the Texas Hill Country, gaining insight into the native flora and fauna and their remarkable adaptations.
During the excursion, each student had the unique opportunity to observe several golden-cheeked warblers, an endangered species exclusive to select locations in the Texas Hill Country. The timing of the trip was crucial, allowing the class to witness this rare species in its natural habitat. It was an enriching and enjoyable experience for both students and moderators.
The photos captured stunning moments from the trip, featuring the golden-cheeked warbler, the Bear Cave entrance, a Giant Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, and the vibrant Spanish Dagger Yucca in bloom. The scenic views from Friedrich Park added to the overall adventure.
Evolution Dual Credit 2024 continues to foster a love for environmental exploration and education, leaving a lasting impact on the student's understanding and appreciation of the natural world.