Supporting the Emotional Well-being of Our Students through Grief Group

In mid-October, we launched a grief group program to prioritize the emotional well-being of our students. Led by Dr. Cantu and intern, Ms. Deja Bertran, this program created a safe and nurturing environment for students as they navigate the complexities of grief.
Over the past few months, our students have gathered weekly, participating in invaluable sessions that encompassed various aspects of the grieving process. Each session provided insights, coping strategies, and opportunities for healing. A fundamental component of our grief group was the exploration of the stages of grief. Through open discussions, students learned to recognize and understand the range of emotions they may experience, fostering validation and acceptance.
Journaling became a powerful tool for our students to express their thoughts, feelings, and memories. Through writing, they processed their emotions constructively and therapeutically. Journaling offered a private outlet for reflection, enabling clarity and insight amidst their grief.
Art therapy was also incorporated into our grief group, allowing students to express and heal through creative activities such as drawing and painting. Discovering new perspectives on their grief journey, students found solace in externalizing their emotions and experiences.
We are immensely grateful for the resilience and courage shown by our students throughout this grief group. By engaging in the healing process, they exhibit strength and determination in facing life's challenges. As we continue on this healing path together, let us remember that grief is not a journey we undertake alone. By supporting and uplifting one another, we can find hope, healing, and renewal amidst the waves of loss.