French and Spanish Honor Society Inductions

Congratulations to our distinguished students who have risen to the challenge and been inducted into the French and Spanish Honor Societies as of Tuesday, April 23rd!
In order to be inducted, the Honor Societies require students to maintain a 90 or better average in the three academic quarters and to be enrolled in the respective foreign language for three consecutive semesters- no easy feat.
We applaud the hard work and dedication of these individuals who have demonstrated true linguistic excellence.
French Honor Society Inductees:
  • Ethan Garza
  • Andrés González
Spanish Honor Society Inductees:
  • Sean Brosnan
  • Aden Chapa
  • Kolby Cruz
  • José Luis Flores-Rositas
  • Matthew Gardiner
  • Aidan González
  • Alejandro Hernández
  • Noah Mata
  • Diego Ojeda
  • Vicente Sandoval
  • Brandan Thomas
  • Noah Vaca
  • Henry Vazquez-Luévano
A round of applause for these scholars whose passion for languages shines brightly!