Sports Medicine Information for parents of incoming Freshmen or Transfer Students

It is my pleasure to welcome your son and family to Central Catholic High School as we approach the 2024/25 School Year.
I would like to share some important information regarding Sports medicine requirements for your son’s participation in JROTC and/or respective sports as well as share my contact information for you. I have also included the Athletic Training Room Rules which are on the back of this.
First, anyone wishing to participate in JROTC or be in Athletics must have a valid physical examination (done within the past year by a Doctor, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner) on file. If your son did not get his physical examination done at our Physical Examination Event last night, please forward their latest physical to me at the email address below. If your son is participating in any JROTC Camps or doing summer workouts with their respective teams, a physical examination must be on file.
If your son(s) are in need of a physical, please use the TAPPS-Athletic-Medical-Packet-1-1, which can be found by going to and then clicking on the Athletic Training tab. Again, all physical examinations and all medical documentation should be sent or given to only myself.
Secondly, it is my hope that your son reaches his goals in JROTC and/or Athletics without issue however, injuries/illnesses do happen. If your son suffers an injury or illness as part of their participation in JROTC or Athletics, communication regarding their condition is essential in helping get them back to full participation. As stated in the Training Room Rules, injuries should be, first, reported to their respective Coach or Instructor and then should also be immediately reported to me. Injuries or illnesses that occur outside of their participation with a Central Catholic organization or sport should be seen by your family physician or a specialist, and documentation should be sent to me in order to communicate any limitations to our JROTC Instructors and Coaches.
If there are any questions please call or email me. I can be reached at (210) 225-6794, ext. 313, and my email address is: [email protected]
Thank you,
Lanning H. Tucker, MSS, ATC/LAT