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Marianist Excel Program

EXcellence in Character, Education, and Leadership

Launched in 1992, the Marianist Excel Program identifies high-potential students and offers them financial, academic, and social support to succeed at Marianist high schools.
“Without financial aid from MUSP, tuition costs would prevent most of these students from attending Catholic high schools,” says Bro. Jesse O’Neill, Assistant for Education. “They wouldn’t be exposed to the same values and would be lost in the shuffle of the public school system. In some cases, they’d be at risk of not graduating from high school.”
Excel - Program Selection FAQS
How many students are selected for this program?
Each year the Marianist will sponsor four freshmen per incoming class to be in this program.
When do students apply for this program?
Students apply for this program when doing their incoming admissions application for Central Catholic. 
Excel Moderator guides any student interested in the program through the program’s application process and meets with the families to discuss what the program expectations are.
What is the timeframe for applying for the Marianist Excel Program (formally Marianist Urban Students Program, MUSP)?
This timeframe for applying is usually in December and January.
How are recipients chosen?
The Excel recipients are chosen by a committee that includes a former Excel student, Excel parent, NHI advisor, Excel Moderator, and local community leader. Bro Richard usually informs all applicants about a week after admissions decisions go out about their Excel status.
How many students apply?
About 5-10 students apply to be in this program per an incoming class.