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Class Ambassadors

Central Catholic is always looking for Class Ambassadors who are eager to support the mission of CCHS. We look forward to working with alumni to conduct successful social, educational, spiritual and school service events which will enable us to successfully advance the mission of Central Catholic High School. We believe the role of Class Ambassador is critical to keeping a vibrant alumni association. Class Ambassadors know their classes better than anyone and can serve a key role in advancing our alumni efforts.

Role of a Class Ambassador

Membership as a Class Ambassador is a privilege and special opportunity to work on behalf of Central Catholic High School. Members have the satisfaction of giving back to Central, rekindling old friendships, and cultivating professional networking opportunities. Class Ambassadors should demonstrate leadership among their peers and commit their time and volunteer on behalf of the school. Class ambassadors should also have a passion to advance the mission of Central Catholic and openly discuss potential classmates that have the ability and capacity to consider a gift to Central.

Actions of a Successful Class Ambassador 
  • Each representative is asked to be an ambassador and advocate for Central Catholic High School
  • Collect contact information and updates on fellow classmates and communicate to CCHS.
  • Contact fellow classmates to inform/educate them of the happenings at CCHS and encourage them to reengage with CCHS. Serve on reunion committee to organize class reunion for his class (every 5 years).
  • Attend an Alumni Association meeting each year support the missions’ of Central Catholic High School and the Alumni Association.

Other Opportunities:

Support the Alumni Association in its service to the Central family and San Antonio community, including alumni service opportunities, spirituality programs, homecoming, auctions, golf tournament, etc. 

If you would like to be a Class Ambassador and serve your class, please contact Angela Sikorski, Advancement Manager for Constituent Relations.